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Our top five ways to make a difference in the life of someone experiencing homelessness.

1. Stop and have a chat

Loneliness is often cited by our guests as one of the worst things about homelessness.

A guest in our winter shelter, James, said:

Loneliness is first. You suddenly feel loneliness, isolated. Some days you can go without talking to anyone.

Lend a kind word and ask someone about his or her day. You never know how much that one act of kindness can mean to somebody.

2. Offer direction and support

Be informed about services local to you so you can spread the word if needed. We have drop-in partnerships in Chelsea, Clapham, Putney and Richmond. Use Homeless Link's searchable tools by postcode to find services in your area. 

3. Volunteer

Volunteer at your local night shelter, day centre or food bank. Many homeless drop-in centres and night shelters rely on volunteers to cook and serve meals, offer special services like hair cuts and provide a provide a warm welcome. Keep an eye on Glass Door's list of volunteer opportunities, or ask at your local homeless charity. 

4. Donate 

Donate spare food, toiletries and clothes to your local day centre. If you'd like to donate to Glass Door, please see our things we need list. Or donate to an appeal to help keep local services running.

5. Fundraise

Sign on to support an existing event or start your own. Join a sporting event, put on a pub quiz or concert, host a karaoke night, or host your own-mini "Sleep Out". Becoming a fundraiser for a charity is one way to take matters into your own hands to help others find support to get off the streets.

If you or someone you know is homeless, please consult our find help page.

We believe no one should have to sleep on the streets of London. Together, we can turn this vision into a reality.