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With homelessness on the rise, charities have a part to play in ameliorating this situation, writes Marcus Roberts in The Independent. The article focuses on the work of StreetSmart, a charity that asks restaurant diners to donate £1 per table and in turn provides support to reputable homeless charities like Glass Door. 

Mr Roberts writes:

Of particular importance is the relationship between StreetSmart and Glass Door, which is London’s largest winter night shelter. They are a safe space for homeless people at this time of year when the temperatures drop and it can be freezing outside. 

They provide more than 130 bed spaces a night; by doing so they are literally saving lives every day. 

The article goes on to quote our fundraising manager Alicia Feetham:

StreetSmart’s partnership is so valuable. People enjoying a meal with loved ones can donate, in turn meaning people can go to a Glass Door shelter and enjoy a meal with others. A simple act that can mean so much when you’re alone and living in crisis.

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