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28 May 2020

Glass Door staff voiced their concern about the lack of move-on options for guests in hotels in the press this week. Comments from caseworker Alex and COO Lucy feature in the Guardian and the Evening Standard. 

In the Guardian

Amelia Gentleman interviewed Glass Door caseworker Alex as well as London Mayor Sadiq Khan for a story in the Guardian:

Homelessness charities such as Glass Door are concerned about the absence of an exit plan setting out what will happen to hotel residents once lockdown ends.

Alex says:

"Anxiety is starting to be more prevalent. We don’t know when this is going to be terminated, when are they going to be asked to leave and what is the exit strategy."

Individuals are really worried, asking us: have you heard about what will happen after the hotels reopen? People who are sleeping rough do not want to go back to that situation.

In the Evening Standard

Glass Door COO Lucy Abraham speaks out in the Evening Standard:

“There was an initial wave of people getting into hotels that really showed what can be done with a centralized approach.” 

The worry now is, what comes next. We are especially concerned about homeless migrants with no recourse to public funds, and about a new wave of homelessness, as people are unable to pay rent because of the lockdown and lose their places.

To support someone experiencing homelessness right now:

Please support Glass Door's COVID-19 Emergency Appeal