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5 November 2018

London Live's Eleanor Cunningham visits Glass Door to find out more about how the charity operates.  The segment aired twice between 18:00 and 20:00 on 5 November. Click below to watch.  


Henry Stevenson, who used to sleep rough and now runs the showers and clothing facilities at the Chelsea Drop-in, discussed the importance of the services:

"When I was on the streets, I've seen an opportunity.  'Henry, you sort yourself out, then you can help these people. And that's what I do now. That's my mission in life," he said.   

I love my job; I think I've got the best job in the world.

"People, they come up to me on the streets and throw their arms around me and say: Henry, you helped me!' I don't even know the person. That many people come through the door.... You can't remember everyone. But you can't put a price on that, can you?", Henry said.  


Next, Chief Operating Officer Lucy Abraham gave an overview of how Glass Door operates. 

"We will be running four night shelters every night of the week. We partner with local churches who open their doors and provide homeless local men and women in the area with a safe warm place to sleep . We can sleep up to 130 on any given night across the four churches. We do always end up with a waiting list, unfortunately. The numbers of rough sleepers in the area have grown year on year. 

"And of course, a lot of homeless men and women have a number of different issues." Lucy added: 

Really we try and help all of our guests with whatever it is stopping them from taking the next step back into housing. 

To give someone else shelter and support, consider making a donation. £23 can sponsor someone for the night.