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30 October 2018

Robert Elms interviewed Senior Caseworker Neil Parkinson on the BBC Radio as his 'unsung Londoner'. Topics included the growing strain on government services, housing and the private rented sector, how homelessness is on the rise and how you can help.

Neil said, 'We have seen a real squeeze in housing provision and we are finding it harder and harder to help people move on into accommodation.' He added: 

One of my concerns about pushing everyone towards the private rented sector is that it’s much less stable accommodation. You may house someone and they may be fine for three or four years but when the landlord wants the property back, they may (...) end up back in our services.

Despite this, Neil mentions some success stories, "one of the great pleasures is when they turn up five years later and say ‘I just wanted to come back and say thank you’".

Fast forward to 16:48 to hear the full interview on Robert Elms's programme.

Or listen to the clip down below.

To help others find shelter and support, consider donating to an appeal.