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After Glass Door's announcement that we would not be able to open shelters this winter, several major media outlets reported on Glass Door's concerns for the overall lack of shelter spaces this winter.

Big Issue breaks story

The Big Issue were the first to report on the decision and its implications on 9 December. 

Melissa Kerschen, Glass Door’s head of communications, told reporter Liam Geraghty at The Big Issue: “We have known for a long time that running shelters safely this winter would be a challenge, but the transmissibility of the new Omicron variant and the related changes to self-isolation rules are two new factors that made the decision now unavoidable.

“Sleeping on the streets can be deadly in winter, and with so many shelters unable to open, we need to work together to find safe options for people who have nowhere to call home.”

Financial Times comments on future uncertainty

Robert Wright from the Financial Times then published his story after visiting the Glass Door accommodation project. The 13 December story in the FT recognised the shift away from communal shelters and raised concerns over the lack of long-term gains after the UK's Everyone In policy ended. 

Guardian paints bigger picture

Sarah Marsh, writing for the Guardian, published a news story on 14 December that also raised the alarm (see "Call for action to prevent deaths as UK homeless shelters shut their doors")

To help others find routes out of homelessness: