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18 June 2020

Neil Parkinson has spoken out in the Guardian and the Independent today about his concerns for guests currently housed in hotels. The articles share the news that hotels are beginning to close their doors to rough sleepers and return to business as usual. 

May Bulman wrote in the Independent:

Neil Parkinson, a caseworker at charity Glass Door, said that out of the 200 people it has been supporting in hotels, around 20 had so far been moved out and into longer-term accommodation – but that many others were facing “huge barriers” as there was “no clear path” for them.

Neil says: 

"Very frustratingly, it is likely they will have no option but to return to the streets unless something drastic changes now."

"At the moment, there’s very little absolute clarity from the government about what will happen. Those guests in hotels and the charities like ours that work with them are not getting clear information on when the hotels are due to close and what will happen to those who aren’t being supported by local councils."

We know some people will be moved into other hotels as the first ones close, but the hotels can’t stay open forever, and something needs to change, or hundreds of people are going to be displaced back to the streets while a public health crisis is still ongoing.

 Neil also spoke to Amelia Gentleman at the Guardian:

"Migrants who live and work here legally are often not able to access housing support. They will find a huge challenge to access the private rental sector, especially if they have lost their jobs."

To support someone self-isolating in a hotel into longer-term accommodation right now:

Please support Glass Door's COVID-19 Emergency Appeal