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5 October 2018

London Live interviewed Glass Door's Chief Operating Officer Lucy Abraham on the eve of Sleep Out in the Square 2018. She emphasised the importance of the event, which raises essential funds to keep the night shelters running throughout the Winter. The funds raised allow over 100 guests a night to find a hot meal and a breakfast along with a sleeping bag and a mat. Lucy added:

Most importantly we link [guests] up with people who can advise them and help them make the next step into the next chapter of their lives.

Father Grant, vicar at Holy Trinity Sloane Square, also gave his perspective as a first time Sleep Out participant.  "I’m hoping to gain the opportunity to support such an amazing charity that offers efficient and immediate practical help for those who actually suffer homelessness as a long term," he said. 

If we can actually try to experience something of what people experience, being on a cold floor, hearing the noises and sensing some of the danger which people face on a day to day basis then that’s what I hope to achieve - to have more compassion felt for the people who suffer so badly because of homelessness.

Watch the full interview below.

The Sleep Out was a great success with over 350 participants and over £190,000 raised including gift aid. The proceeds go towards sheltering up to 140 men and women across London every night.

Images from the event can be found on our Facebook photo album.

To help others find shelter and support, consider donating to an appeal.