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Christmas Campaign features former guests

Eddie, who slept rough for 26 years before coming to Glass Door, has agreed to help raise awareness of the 2017 Christmas Campaign for Glass Door. He shares his story and talks about why it's especially important at Christmas time to remember those with no home of their own:

The holidays are a really difficult time of year when you are on the street. You're cut off from family, nothing is open, and it's lonely.

Eddie is now volunteering and working with Glass Door so that others can find the kindness and support he found.

The photograph a housing block in the background of the image shown above was taken by Boris, a former guest of the shelters, when he was sleeping rough around Christmas last year. Boris says:

I see despair, but I see beauty too.

People like Eddie and Boris are great examples why having Glass Door open over Christmas is so important. Please join us to give others shelter and hope. What better present could you give someone? 

Top ways to get involved this Christmas:

There are many ways large and small you can give shelter and hope this Christmas to the men and women in our community who have no home of their own. Here are our top ten: 

1. Donate

Any donation large or small can help bring shelter and hope to a homeless guest this Christmas and beyond. £23 will sponsor someone for the night. 

Give shelter & hope this Christmas

2. Fundraise

Host a reverse coffee morning, wear a Christmas jumper all week, hold a bake sale or find another way to fundraise for our Christmas Campaign. Contact us to ask for inspiration and support, and bring shelter and hope to others this Christmas.

Set up a fundraising page

3. Shop & dine with organisations that support our work

  • When you buy gifts online, use EasyFundraising to raise donations for Glass Door.
  • When looking for lunch, consider Pret's Christmas sandwiches. For every sandwich sold, £.50 is donated to their charity, which supports homeless charities like ours.
  • When dining out, look for one of the many excellent restaurants that take part in StreetSmart, a charity that passes on donations to Glass Door and other reputable homeless charities.
  • If you're looking for a stocking stuffer, consider Bayley & Sage's 2018 calendars, which donates £.50 to Glass Door for every calendar sold. 
  • Stop in to Muriel's Kitchen in Soho or South Kensington for their famous carrot cake, profits from which are donated to Glass Door during the month of December. 

4. Challenge anti-homeless stigma

Just like a racist or sexist comment, if a colleague or friend makes a negative comment about homeless people, discuss it. The causes of homelessness are complex, but most of our guests work hard to turn their situation around. You can help fight stigma one conversation at a time. 

5. Small acts of kindness

A cup of tea, a smile, can let someone know they're not invisible. Why not pass on a "Shelter and Advice" card to someone you think could use the support? Cards available at the entrance of the Chelsea Methodist Church. 

6. Recycle

Pass on old coats, shoes or bath towels directly to someone who can use them. Take a look at the list of things we currently need and warmly welcome. 

7. Spread the message

We welcome all supporters, friends and volunteers to let people know about your support of the men and women who come to Glass Door. Put a tagline at the bottom of your email signature encouraging others to do the same with a link to this page:  "This Christmas, in lieu of Christmas Cards/secret santa gift/etc...  I'm proud to support local homeless charity Glass Door."

8. Support carol singers & Christmas concerts

We are lucky that several groups are supporting Glass Door through concerts and events they have organised in-aid-of Glass Door. Find the latest listings on our Special Events page. Look out for other carol singers collecting for Glass Door in the run up to Christmas. If you want to organise your own group, let us know

9. Volunteer

We usually have stable volunteer teams in place throughout the winter in the night shelters, but take a look at volunteer positions for which we are currently recruiting. 

10. Help connect a rough sleeper to local services

If you're out and are concerned about a rough sleeper, call StreetLink on 0300 500 0914. The details of the location you provide will be sent to the local authority so they can help connect the person to local services and support. 

On behalf of Glass Door staff, volunteers and guests, THANK YOU.