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Spread the word about your participation in the Sleep Out (or in) 2020 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with our social media templates.

Step 1 - Download

Download one of our Sleep Out (or in) 2020 gifs by clicking on it below:


Then upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Step 2 - Personalise

Add a message to explain why YOU are joining this year's Sleep Out and WHY you care about homelessness in London.

  • I am sleeping out on 2 Oct so others don't have to. Please support me by donating whatever you can. Everything we raise will help @GlassDoorLondon to offer shelter and advice to people who will otherwise be on the streets this winter. #GDSO
  • I care about tackling homelessness in London because [your own reasons here]. That's why I am joining the @GlassDoorLondon  Sleep Out (or in) on 2 Oct. Please help me reach my fundraising goal of [your goal here] so that one less person has to sleep on the streets. Thank you for helping to tackle homelessness in London. #GDSO
  • My goal is to raise £500 for @glassdoorlondon by sleeping in my garden/on my floor/in the bathtub on 2 Oct. That will fund two "move-on" packages, complete with personalised support sessions and the deposit needed for someone to move into more stable accommodation. Please give what you can for those less lucky than us in these strange times. #GDSO

If you are feeling ambitious, make a short video explaining why you are taking part this year and share this with your followers. Or include a photo of you sleeping out. (Please send us a high-res copy too and we may include it in the live-stream).

Step 3 - Tag @GlassDoorLondon

Don't forget to tag @GlassDoorLondon across all social channels and use our dedicated Sleep Out event hashtag: #GDSO. We love seeing your content and will share, comment.

Remember to share the link to your own Sleep Out fundraising pages too so that your friends and family know where to donate.

Thank you!