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13 February 2019

Glass Door launches a video featuring guests, volunteers and staff speaking on what the charity means to them.

"We were keen to not include labels," says senior comms manager Melissa Kerschen. "Watching the video, you may not realise who's a volunteer and who is a guest of our services. 

"The charity has always been open to everyone, regardless of race, nationality, religion or access to public funds. This decision reflects our belief that everyone is worthy of support and everyone should be treated with dignity," Melissa adds.

The film, launched in the winter of Glass Door's 20th year of providing shelter, highlights the values that have remained consistent since the charity's inception. 

Thanks due everyone who took part. Special thanks due the team behind the Homeless Stories project (including Crossfire founder Dave Graham and award-winning photo journalist Hazel Thompson) for making the film.

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Find more videos on Glass Door's YouTube channel