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When the turmoil in her relationship caused her health to deteriorate and she suffered a stroke, Elaine* had nowhere to go, and no idea who to reach out to. 

After confiding in a GP receptionist, she was given Glass Door’s number. We immediately provided her with a warm place to sleep. 

*Elaine's name has been changed and a representative photo has been used to protect the identity of the guest.

Glass Door’s support changed my life. When I left my abusive partner a couple of years ago, I had nowhere to stay. They gave me a safe place to stay during the coldest months of the year, and the help I needed to move on from my experience of homelessness. I cannot thank them enough. 

I met my ex-partner around ten years ago and at first my relationship was good. When I moved in with him however, he began to show a different side. He would get so angry so quickly, over the smallest things. This got worse over the years.

The continuous arguing put a huge strain on me, and I felt as though I was constantly walking on eggshells, worried about the next blow up. 

At the end of 2019, I suffered a stroke. The hostility in my relationship was causing me intense stress and anxiety. This played a huge role in my health deteriorating. When I was discharged from hospital, I knew I had to leave my partner for the sake of both my physical and mental health – even if it meant I would be without a home. I didn’t want to burden my children and grandchildren, and they didn’t have anywhere I could stay.

I had nowhere to turn. I was completely alone. Thankfully, this is where Glass Door came in. 

When I visited my GP, the receptionist knew something was wrong. After confiding in her, she gave me Glass Door’s number. I called them and was immediately given somewhere warm and safe to stay. I was so relieved, if it wasn’t for Glass Door I would have been on the streets in the cold. 

I stayed with Glass Door last winter and Lewis became my caseworker. He understood what I was going through and really cared. Glass Door provided me with safety, security and support.

Despite having lived in the UK for 20 years, I was struggling to navigate the complex immigration system by myself, which was yet another barrier to the help I needed. Lewis helped me access so many things I had not been able to before, even an over 60s bus pass.

Thanks to Glass Door, I received the support I needed and as I was moving out of the winter emergency accommodation, I learned the news that I had been waiting for: I was granted leave to remain in the UK. 

I continue to be supported by Lewis. He has helped me find a flat as well as apply for Universal Credit. This support has been so important to my recovery.

He has also helped me to be accepted onto a waiting list for a sheltered housing scheme where I can be close to my family. I’m excited about feeling settled again and having somewhere to call home. Lewis and the whole team at Glass Door have been amazing. Their kindness and support is something I'll never forget.

They are a lifeline to so many people facing homelessness in London. 

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