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After Tomas’ partner died, he ended up rough sleeping. His life got back on track after he was given a space to stay in Glass Door’s winter night shelter and met with our caseworkers.

*Tomas' name has been changed and a representative photo used to protect his identity. 

Content warning: This story contains brief reference to suicide.

Tomas is a Polish man who has been in the UK for over 15 years. After Tomas' partner died last year, he stayed with an acquaintance, but they fell out and he ended up rough sleeping.

He was suffering from depression and was planning to take his life, but the police found him and took him to A&E. 

He was given a space to stay in Glass Door’s winter night shelter and met with our caseworkers in one of our partner day centres. Tomas had not worked for a while, he had no income and no ID, and he did not have his EU Settled Status. 

In order to apply for EUSS, he first needed to obtain a Polish passport but this was proving difficult as he had not had a passport for a number of years and needed to prove his citizenship.

Caseworker Boguslaw supported him through this process, liaising with the consulate while Tomas managed to make contact with a family member in Poland who was able to send him his original birth certificate.

He eventually received a temporary passport and Caseworker Gemma supported him to make a late application to the EU Settlement Scheme and we supported him to open a bank account. 

We had also been in touch with his former employer during the application process for EUSS and once the application was underway, he was happy to offer Tomas some work again. 

Tomas is now working in the construction industry and is also in accommodation which he has been able to rent via his employer.

Tomas' story was featured in our Annual Review 2022-23. Read the full Annual review here

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