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Sofia* had made good friends with some of Glass Door’s guests, who told her to approach Gemma one of our Senior Caseworkers, at one of our partner day centre drop-ins.

*Not her real name

Gemma met Sofia in early 2022. Sofia was very nervous and seemed to be in a vulnerable state. Once she realised we were able to help, her whole demeanour changed: she became animated, her expressions and presence felt brighter.

Dealing with the practicalities

Since our first meeting, we have supported Sofia to obtain a grant to pay off a parking fine that was adding to her financial worries. She has also been referred to Crosslight, an organisation that offers debt advice, so she can feel more confident about her finances.

We helped set up her direct debit with her housing association so that she won’t miss service charges payments and renewed her Blue Badge for disabled parking. We also helped Sofia set up payments with her energy and water companies. Gemma also applied for a My Richmond card so Sofia has discounted leisure activities and library access in the borough.

She was able to receive a back payment from Universal Credit which helped her pay off some bills and meant she could buy back a family heirloom at the pawnbrokers.

Ongoing mental health support

Sofia was referred to the mental health charity Mind and met with the psychotherapist who attends the drop-in on Tuesday mornings. She has told Gemma that she “thanks God for the Vineyard” and that Gemma’s help is “unbelievable.”

Gemma says:

The knowledge that we are there to help support her in her day-to-day affairs has reduced her stress and levels of anxiety so that she can focus on the positives and get her life back on track.

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