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19 December 2019

The senior editor at the Huffington Post UK has written a full feature on Glass Door.

Based on his experience of spending an evening at a Glass Door night shelter, he entitles the article: 'Everyone has a story: Inside the Homeless Shelter with a 100-strong waiting list'. He describes what he discovers inside, from the food to guest stories.

He writes:

The Glass Door homeless shelter operation is slick and efficient. [...] The ultimate aim of the shelter isn’t to take people in – it’s to get them into a place where they don’t need to use it again.

Guest perspectives

The article sheds light on two guests who are staying in the shelter on the night in question. This includes Farid* who explains that he is starting a new job next week:

I wouldn’t have been able to get the job if I didn’t have somewhere to eat and sleep while I looked for work.

He also gives voice to Luce* who is frustrated at her lack of options:

I could earn money, pay taxes and contribute to the UK but I am not allowed. There are so many people who could work but just don’t have the right papers.

The view from Glass Door staff

In light of the growing homelessness crisis in London, he speaks to Glass Door staff about what they have seen.

Shelter manager Matthew Falk says:

We’ve had several guests who had been in hospital recently. Living on the street makes you more susceptible to getting sick. We had one guest who was undergoing chemotherapy and tonight we have one pregnant guest.

If someone has no immune system they should be in a private residence.

Communications officer Rachael Lindsay adds:

"The oldest person we’ve had was 83. And we’ve had people coming out of prison which obviously isn’t ideal if you’re supposed to have an address to go to. Services are falling down and we’ve been taking people in".

The article ends with an appeal to support Glass Door's Christmas campaign. The target of this year's campaign is £60,000 - enough to fund all five shelter circuits over the Christmas period. 

The full article on the Huffington Post is online.

*Pseudonyms are used to protect guests' identity.

If you would like to work towards a future where no one has to sleep rough in London, join the Glass Door community this Christmas.


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