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“Casper”, an Eastern European man in his sixties who has lung cancer, wasn't homeless, but he was off the grid and in danger of loosing everything. 

He has been living in the basement below his place of employment where he works cash in hand. He was hospitalised because he needed an operation for his lung cancer, however it could not go ahead because he didn’t have anywhere to stay where he could rest and recover afterwards.

A local authority housing officer he was working with referred Casper to Glass Door so we could help him apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. Following Britain leaving the European Union, the EU Settlement Scheme is a process where EU citizens apply to continue living in the UK after June 2021. A successful application would mean that Casper could stay in the UK indefinitely and be eligible for certain benefits.

Our casework Aga supported him with the application and four days later he received a decision to say that he had been granted settled status. This meant that he was now eligible for benefits and so could get help to pay his rent. The local authority provided accommodation for Casper the next day and he had the operation the following week.

He is now recovering at home and waiting for follow up treatment.