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Help us translate documents and survey feedback, so we can communicate with our guests in their preferred language.

Why we need you

Throughout the winter, our guests are given information about their stay in the night shelters, and we provide this in a range of languages. Our remote translation volunteers help us check over these documents, to ensure they make sense.

Guests also share feedback with us in surveys, which they can complete in their preferred language, and our remote translation volunteers translate the feedback for us to analyse.

      Where and when

      Our translation volunteering is a remote role, so can be done anywhere. It is never interpretation, and always written translation. 

      The asks are only a couple of times a year, so it is a low time commitment. Though when we do have tasks that we need help with, it’s usually a fairly quick turnaround of a week or so that we would your translation back by. 

      What experience do I need?

      We ask that our remote translators are confident reading and writing in that language (either Arabic, Tigrinya or Amharic). Also, that they understand the documents they have access to are confidential and also may contain sensitive information about someone’s experiences.

      What would I gain?  

      • Formal translation experience  

      • Contributing to a frontline homelessness service 

      • Valuable experience for your C.V. and a professional reference 

      • All volunteers have access to our employer assistance programme, a free confidential helpline 


      If you are confident with your reading and writing skills in Arabic, Tigrinya or Amharic and would like to volunteer a few hours of your time please email  [email protected]