Georgie's Story

When Georgie started a new job, she was in debt and had nowhere to stay. Now she’s living in East London pursuing her career as a violinist. Read more

Annabel's Story

Before turning to Glass Door, Annabel suffered from postnatal depression and addiction. Now she's staying at the newly-opened Pret House. Read more

Martha's story

Pregnant and homeless, Glass Door helped Martha find shelter and legal support. Now she's in temporary housing waiting for a verdict. Read more

Marius's Story

Marius became homeless after a robbery left him with nothing. With the support of Glass Door and others, he's returned to "a normal life". Read more

Jose's Story

Jose was working two jobs when he became homeless. Holding onto these jobs became a challenge while sleeping rough at a local cemetery. Read more

Andrew's Story

Andrew, a talented magician, receives ongoing support from Glass Door to maintain his tenancy. Read more

Darcy's story

Darcy became homeless after her employer laid off thousands of employees. Glass Door helped Darcy get back on her feet. Read more

Joe's story

Joe, 22, stayed in the Glass Door shelters after being told by his local council that he wasn't eligible for support. Read more

Eddie's story

After leaving foster care, Eddie was homeless for 26 years and almost died of hypothermia. Now, he's off the street and helping others. Read more

Zak's story

Zak's recounts his journey from running a multi-million pound business to walking the streets of London. "Things looked pretty bleak." Read more

James' story

James spent two months sleeping rough before coming to Glass Door and finding the support he needed. Watch his video and read his story. Read more

Sharon's story

After her relationship fell apart, Sharon found herself struggling to make ends meet. "Glass Door has helped me turn my life back around," she says. Read more

Simon's story

After his front door blew off its hinges due to faulty wiring and a dodgy landlord, Simon started sleeping on the streets. The Glass Door shelters are giving him a chance to get shelter and support. Read more

Valu's story

Valu used to be a teacher in an orphanage. Now he lives under a bridge, but with help from a variety of people, he's landed his dream job. Read more

Jack's story

Jack --- a computer scientist with a Ph.D -- fled torture and persecution before sleeping rough in London. He's now in his own flat, thanks to help he received at Glass Door. Read more

Gitana's story

Staff remember Gitanas as the guest who put his hand through a window, drunk one night at a shelter. Four years on, he's sober, holds down a job and lives in a studio flat. Read more

Emily's story

Emily's last job was as a live-in housekeeper and nanny, and when the relationship went sour, she was left without a home and an income. “I realise now I put all my eggs in one basket." Read more

Tomas' story

Tomas lost everything because of heroin. Thanks to Glass Door, he’s making peace with the past and planning for the future. Read more

Mihai's story

25-year old Mihai speaks seven languages and has plenty of energy, but finding a legal job is proving harder than he expected. Read more

David's story

David first developed an addiction to alcohol as a teenager. At 37, he’s lived all of his adult life on the street, but now he envisions a different future Read more

Michael's story

Working hard and enjoying his job as a certified butcher in Shepherds Bush, being homeless never crossed Michael's mind. Read more

Peter's story

Peter lost his job selling financial products, and within five years, ran out of money and found himself riding night buses. Read more

Alina's story

Alina went homeless to provide a better future for her kids. Read more

Radislov's story

Radislov arrived from Bulgaria by bus, with the promise of a tractor-driving job in Scotland that never materialised. Now, Radislov walks all over London looking for a job. Read more